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I apologize for the LOOONNGG delay, but for months we’ve been situating ourselves trying to find a new domain and voila! I present to you:


Say it with me:




Yes, we have a podcast as well titled “Chronicles of Crotty” in which we have interviewed former and present NBA players as well as popular basketball personalities. Our new website is LA-centric. Don’t worry, I still rep for the Clippers and must sure they’ll well represented. But our other writers talk Lakers and general NBA. Please visit us! We won’t dissapoint!


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For one day, God is a Clipper fan. I explain at The No Look Pass. For now, bare witness:


Da Risin’ of DeRozan.

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DeMar DeRozan must be on Cloud 9. Come June 25th, he will be an NBA player. And because so many top tier players withdrew their names from the draft, he will be a lottery pick, perhaps even a top 5 selection.

As gifted as they come, DeRozan is a freak athlete who was hyped as one of the best high school seniors in the nation. Maybe he was overhyped, because he came down to the earth at the beginning of his inaugaural season at USC. He did not perform to his expectations, at times struggling to get acquainted with the college game. His numbers backed that up, as they were pedestrian through the first half of the season. But the way he finished the season was an eye opener. An excellent Pac-10 Tournament (he won Tourney MVP avg. 21 ppg) coupled with a very good showing in the NCAA Tournament (18 ppg) has solidified his draft stock as a lottery pick.

Now the question is, how does he fit in the Clippers’ plans? One might think drafting him would be redundant, seeing as how the Clippers already have Al Thornton, a very similar player; both are freak athletes, possess scoring ability, mid-range game, and hard workers. However, the difference lies in their age – at 25, Thornton seems to have peaked. He has the athleticism to be a very good defender, but hasn’t applied it. He’s a very good player who is what he is and you can’t really expect anymore. DeRozan is 19, has limitless potential, has a lot he can learn and improve on. Should the Clippers look to going young and trade away their vets, DeMar would be a very nice piece to the puzzle that LA has been trying to put together for decades. If DeRozan pans out, he can become a scoring machine as well as a fearless defender…basically a more talented Tayshaun Prince. Slide him into the starting SF position and have Thornton come off the bench in an instant offense type of role (a la JR Smith/Jason Terry). Should the Clips end up with the #4-6 pick, this is a possibility. So yes, DeMar DeRozan’s POTENTIAL…is what has NBA scouts foaming at the mouth.


The Tanzanian Devil: HASHEEM THABEET.

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Thabeet is Tha Beast.

The 2009 NBA Draft has been widely recognized as a 2-man draft. Outside of Oklahoma stud Blake Griffin and Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio, there’s not much out there, right? Wrong. Enter Hasheem Thabeet. Thabeet is an intriguing figure, almost a freak of nature. At 7’3″, 265 lbs, he needs to grow into his body a bit more, but his length is amazing. The wingspan he possesses is so intimidating, it’s easy to see why he could lead the NBA in block shots, not to mention altering many shots.

Now, I know what some may be thinking, “With DeAndre Jordan, why would we want Thabeet?” Simple. Because Thabeet is experienced. He’s had 3 years of college playing for an elite program in Uconn. His offensive game is a lot more polished than DJ’s. He’s a downright intimidating shotblocker, a la Dikembe Mutombo in his prime. He’s a strong finisher – basically the Anti-Kaman. When you take everything in account, Thabeet is something this Clipper team needs. Take a look at our bigs – Kaman is a skilled post player, but as soft as they come, injury prone, has too many mental lapses, and lacks confidence at times. Camby has been great, but also injury prone, and is in the last year of his contract. DJ is raw, way too raw to make much of an impact as a starter. Drafting him will also allow for one of the bigs to be traded and strenghten the depth of the roster. How dominant is this man on defense:

I see Thabeet as a guy who can come in right away and give the team a solid 25 mins a night. A future with Thabeet/DJ would look very promising. Though I still consider him a dropoff after the first 2 picks, he is a guy who can take over a game defensively. And in our case, to be able to take over a game in ANY kind of way, I’ll take that any day.

Ricky Rubio is a G.

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Ricky Rubio eats basketballs.

Ricky Rubio eats basketballs for breakfast.

In my previous post, I talked about how much Blake Griffin would impact this Clipper franchise and give it tons of hope for a bright future. Well, much of the same could be said for one Ricky Rubio. Perhaps the most touted International prospect since Drazen Petrovic, Rubio’s game is a thing of beauty. You could say he’s a hybrid of Steve Nash/Jason Kidd’s floor vision, Ron Artest’s perimeter defense, and Tayshaun Prince’s basketball IQ.

As a Clipper fan, I can understand the skepticism of Clipper Nation. Some may say he’s another Shaun Livingston in the making…and you know how that turned out. Shaun was highly regarded coming out of high school, his point guard prowess was compared to that of Magic Johnson, and his potential seemed limitless. But of course, his misguidance(from a micromanaging, slow tempo offense running, control freak named Dunleavy), frail body, and freak accident led to his downfall. In this case, Rubio has a similar build, not much upper body strength, tall and lanky for a PG. Questions about whether he can handle the rigors of a physical, gut wrenching 82 game season in the NBA will continue to surface until proven otherwise.

But what he has going for him is experience in the some of the best leagues in the world – the Euroleague and Spanish ACB League. They are most certainly higher level leagues than NCAA D-1 basketball. Ricky has played very well, putting up good numbers whereas a lot of other Euro prospects get drafted into the NBA with weak stats. He played well vs. Team USA in the Beijing Olympics, and has gotten praise from stars such as Kobe Bryant. There is still a little under 2 weeks remaining until the early entry eligibility deadline, so you can imagine the lottery teams on pins and needles waiting for his press conference. This is the reason why:

In conclusion, should the Clippers end up with one of the first two picks, they’ll have a crack at Griffin or Rubio, and in my humble opinion, you’d be a damn fool to not believe this constitutes as winning the jackpot.

Why I Buy the Blake Griffin Hype.

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Oklahoma Texas A M Basketball

Blake Griffin – I believe the hype. Every time I watch this guy play, I become more convinced that he IS our guy. Listed at 6’10″(he might be 6’9″), Griffin is built like a rock, has solid post moves, and uncanny athleticism. The way he attacks the basket makes Chris Kaman look like Chris Ford. I’m trying to find a reason as to why he might be a bust – I just can’t come up with any. He lead the Sooners to the Elite Eight by posting a gaudy 28.5 ppg and 15 rpg in four games. Those numbers are just jaw dropping, especially considering the competition. Though he is a prototypical POWER forward, I believe he can play Center at times based on his brute strength. The comparisons to Michael Beasley are imminent, but Beasley is a tweener at best. Griffin is bigger and stronger. I’d like to think he’s more like Karl Malone, though he has a long way to go before he reaches that level. I mean,  he literally dunks ON someone every game, it’s a sight to behold:
In ’07, Greg Oden was the consensus #1 pick. He dominated in high school, and had a very good one-and-done year at Ohio St. But there were signs of not living up to his potential – injuries come into play. His mobility was sometimes questionable, IMO. With Blake, I don’t see any of those signs. In fact, I would be shocked if he doesn’t turn out to be a 20/10 player and an improved defender. Griffin is the ONE guy that, if the Clippers drafted, would come to play regardless if Dunleavy was still coaching or not. Should Clipper Nation be lucky enough to win the lottery, Blake would be the main reason to restore the fans’ faith in our franchise.

Wallpaper Genius.

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I just wanna plug my man Dariusz Ejkiewicz’s website – 

For some great wallpapers, this is the site you need to go to. This man’s talent is inevitable. Check it out.


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DeAndre Jordan’s 1st Clipper Vlog. A look inside of the Clip’s locker room. Funny exchange between him and Kaman.

This dunk by Maggette makes Michael Finley’s cartwheel dunk look like some Osh Kosh B’gosh shit.

Absolutely SICK move by Baron, he actually looked like an elite PG here.


Not a vlog, but you can't deny Kanye Gordon, can you?!?

Look At All These Rumors That’s Surrounding Me Everyday…

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"We have a lot in common - we're both injury prone and disinterested. Let's go on a date."

Yep, it’s that time of year. Time for the countless trade rumors to swirl in, out, and through nearly every team in the League. And as usual, the Clips are no exception.

In years past, the Clippers have made relatively minor trades at the deadline (i.e. Wilcox for Vlad Rad) and have passed on blockbuster deals (i.e. Livingston + Maggette for Iverson). This time around, the two names that are circulating are Baron Davis and Chris Kaman. As many of you know, Boom Fizzle has been a huge disappointment to Clipper Nation and after half a season, just doesn’t seem to care anymore (of course, Dunleavy has a huge part in that). Kaman, on the other hand, has earned the unwelcome status of being injury prone. The guy can’t play a full season to save his life. Now, onto the rumors that have been circulating:

  • Baron for Maggette/Williams rejected? – Some dude on the RealGM Warriors board said ESPN stated the Warriors rejected the Clips’ offer. A definite desperation move on both parties if it did happen. And why would Dunleavy want Maggs back?
  • Baron/Kaman for J. Kidd? – Again, another rumor that was supposedly reported on ESPN News. Obviously the Mavs would have to throw in more player(s) for the salaries to match. An absolute idiotic deal on the Clippers part if done. It’s a foregone conclusion that the aging Kidd will leave after this season anyway.
  • Kaman for Amare? – Just speculation since the Suns are shopping him. Of course it would be a multiple player deal, possibly a 3 team trade.  Obtaining him would give us some serious firepower in the frontcourt.
  • Kaman to Chicago? – Bulls fans want a big man, badly. Amare and Kaman seem to be their top targets. If Kaman could be had for Thomas/Hinrich, I think you’ve gotta consider that.

We’ll know for sure once Feb. 19th hits. I just pray for NO stupidity on our part.

State of the (Clipper) Nation Address.

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Yes, it’s that time already. When looking at the players returning next season, I’d like to point out some things:

  • Ricky Davis WILL pick up his player option (he’d be an idiot not to).
  • Steve Novak must be resigned, by all means.
  • If there’s a reasonable offer for Chris Kaman on the table, the Clippers MUST consider it.

Ten guys will be signed up for next year. Novak would make 11. That leaves four open roster spots, in which one will be a lottery pick. So with the projected three open spots, who should the Clippers go after? Keep in mind that the Clippers will only have the mid-level exception to work with. Here is a short list of candidates I’d like to see them consider:

  • Flip Murray (U)
  • Marvin Williams (R)
  • Leon Powe (R)
  • Raymond Felton (R)
  • Drew Gooden (U)
  • Anderson Varejao (U)
  • Brandon Bass (U)
  • Gerald Green (U)
  • Linas Kleiza (R)
  • Marquis Daniels (U)
  • Trevor Ariza (U)
  • Ramon Sessions (R)
  • Charlie Villanueva (R)
  • Rashad McCants (R)
  • Rodney Carney (U)
  • Nate Robinson (R)
  • Keith Bogans (U)
  • Matt Barnes (U)
  • Bobby Brown (R)
  • Jamario Moon (R)
  • Ronnie Price (U)

(U) = Unrestricted; (R) = Restricted

Now, some of those guys will demand more than the MLE, but I just wanted to throw it out there. Obviously guys like Sheed, J-Kidd, and Paul Millsap will command much more than the MLE, so I didn’t bother with them. Out of the above  list, who do you think the Clips should and/or will obtain?