Whom is Al Thornton comparable to?

Al Thornton @ FSU.

From what I’ve seen of Al Thornton, which is some college hightlights and the Vegas Summer League, he is an athletic freak. His jumping ability(notably his jump-land-jump prowess) is ridiculous. But that’s where the Corey Maggette comparisons end. He’s a better shooter, rebounder, and quite possibly defender than Maggs. His lateral quickness is a notch above, although Maggs is more keen to drawing contact on the drive.

┬áSo I’ve been thinking…who is this guy comparable to as far as NBA vets? He’s been labeled as a tweener, therefore I’m tempted to bring up guys like Al Harrington, Shareef Abdur-Rahim(in his prime), and Antawn Jamison into the conversation. He’s a high flyer, thus I could just as well name Jason Richardson, Vince Carter, and Ricky Davis as suitable comparisons. It’s hard to say. Every time a rookie makes it to the big stage, we automatically want to label, compare, break down, analyze, and criticize him. Maybe all this is for naught. Maybe I should just leave him be. Maybe I need to just chill and watch this special talent blossom. And most of all, maybe I just need to hope he will contribute as much as possible and through some divine intervention, lead the Clips to the promise land. Nonetheless, he will be the cause of many exciting plays in Staples Center and beyond for years to come.

~ by terrydehereftw on August 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Whom is Al Thornton comparable to?”

  1. Thornton will be crowned Rookie of the Year at the end of the season.

  2. thornton is the man for clips.
    he is probably one of the best for them right now.

  3. Yea Al is going places he is a good player and I think he’ll be around for a while

  4. yea baby. Go big al. get your money. do you, get you. str8 like dat.

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