Clips Sign the “Kobe Stopper”.

Ruben Patterson

The Clips have come to terms with the self-proclaimed “Kobe Stopper” himself, Ruben Patterson. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

I look at it like this…who would you rather on your roster: Patterson or Korolev? I think most of us would say Patterson. I think this is a good signing that will give us (1) depth on our bench, (2) another offensive option, and (3) a more than capable defender. While I understand the reservations some of you may have in regards to our logjam at the wing positions and the possible stunt in Al Thornton’s development, this acquisition shows that Clipper management is NOT giving up on the season. I belive we have enough talent to make the playoffs. I’m assuming Ruben probably got a similar two year deal to that of Brevin Knight and if that’s the case, then this is a risk worth taking.

However, there is one thing I am concerned about: where does this leave Jared Jordan? If I’m not mistaken, this gives us 15 players on the roster. I hope they do find a way to sign JJ because if one of our PG’s goes down, we’ll be hurting. But all in all, this signing leaves our roster at nine or ten deep. And boy, do we need all the help we can get. Welcome Ruben!

~ by terrydehereftw on August 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Clips Sign the “Kobe Stopper”.”

  1. I didn’t think the clips could afford him, but apparently they could. He’s desperately needed if we want a change at the playoffs.

  2. The Clippers need someone who can play in great defense. I think having Ruben in the line-up is a good move for the team.

    Clippers Fan

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