Oden is oh…done.

Greg Oden

What was supposed to be the most anticipated season in Blazer history since the glory days of Drexler, Porter, etc. has turned into the ghost of Sam Bowie revisited. One can’t help but think about how that turned out. It’s inevitable to say that this is simply heartbreaking for the city of Portland and it’s loyal fans. They’ve had a few difficult bottom of the barrel years and all of a sudden, instant gratification surfaced with the winning of the NBA draft lottery. But I guess that gratification was short lived.

From a Clipper Nation standpoint, I truly sympathize with their situation. I know oh so well the roller coaster of emotions they must be experiencing. I find some comfort in knowing at least Elton Brand has a good chance of coming back this season. But Oden does have youth(in age, not in looks) on his side. He will recover and one would be hard pressed to believe he will follow in the footsteps of Bowie. And Portland does have plenty of talent to withstand the storm until he returns.

Simply put, the NBA needs him. Not only because of his uncanny abilities, but he is also a charismatic personality rarely seen in the league these days. Definitely an All-Interview Team candidate. My well wishes go out to him.

~ by terrydehereftw on September 13, 2007.

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