Clips get first preseason win!

Al Thornton shoots.

It must feel good to get that monkey off of their collective backs. For us diehards, it’s frustating to not be able to watch a single preseason game thus far. This game wasn’t even on the radio. So all we could do was hit the refresh button on the box scores. Looks like Big Al had a great game (24 pts on 11-15 FG’s).  Patterson and Maggette had monster rebounding games (11 and 14 boards, respectively). Brevin Knight had 7 asts in 21 minutes and from what I’m hearing, he should outduel Dickau for the backup PG spot.

There’s a lot of promising things to look forward to this season. The Clips will definitely have their struggles, but should they be able to gel for a long period of time, it should a fun, uptempo ride.

~ by terrydehereftw on October 16, 2007.

One Response to “Clips get first preseason win!”

  1. Way to go Clippers… Don’t give up without a fight..

    LA Clippers forever

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