Three and O.

The Bench is here.

Who would’ve thunk it?!? That after one week, there are only five undefeated teams remaining: New Orleans, Indiana, Detroit, Boston, and yes, your LA Clippers.

Last night’s win (in Chicago, mind you) was imperative of how the season is going. It wasn’t a smooth, high scoring game. Rather, it was a grind it out, defensive struggle. Those are the type of games that can test a team’s will. And the Clips showed plenty of it. They outscored the Bulls 12-2 to end the game, punctuated by Cat Mobley’s fadeaway jumper with less than a minute to go. Speaking of Cat, he was surreal. It was as if Stevie Franchise’s ghost was in the building and he reverted back to his H-Town days. Who else has been sick-wid-it:

  • The Kaveman has been going off. 17.3 pts, 14.7 boards, and 2 blks looks like Dwight Howard numbers. Just insane. Let’s hope those numbers don’t go ADD on him.
  • Tim Thomas looks to be aiming for 200 three balls  made this year. Could this be his best season since the Milwaukee days?
  • Corey’s just Corey. Ralph Lawler stated last night that “he always finds a way to get his points.” As cold as Maggs was for three quarters, he hit some big shots in the fourth and made clutch FT’s to seal the W. Oh, and he’s been a beast on the caroms.
  • Ruben Patterson is exactly what this team needed. A hard-nosed no-nonsense type of guy who has more heart than a Chinese butcher shop. The dude plays like there’s no tomorrow and his defense alone can bring the Clips back from a deficit.
  • BK aka Brevin Knight, the consummate floor general, is responsible in large part to the Clips’ improved running game. He has a knack of finding the open man in the right place at the right time. Plus he gets so many deflections and loose balls, he could be average five steals per. 

It’s really refreshing to see this new brand of ball. But another test will ensue tonight as they play the undefeated(yeah, you heard right) Indiana Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse before finishing the three game roadtrip in Detroit. No one ever said it would be easy…and this group wouldn’t want it any other way.

~ by terrydehereftw on November 7, 2007.

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