’08 Draft: What to do?!?

As the lottery and eventually the draft itself rolls near, many of us fans are inclined to provide our mock drafts: whom we think will go where, what is a particular team’s biggest need, and so forth. Thus, I wanna share the Clips’ draft possibilites and whom they could select in those slots:

Derrick Rose – One of the two holy grails in this year’s draft. Just the player Clipper Nation needs. Spectacular athlete with blurring speed, great passing ability, and good defensive player. Be it too early for the CP3 comparisons, but they are inevitable. A can’t miss prospect indeed.

Clipper luck: must get either the 1st or 2nd pick to have a shot at him, the 1st being the obvious choice.

Michael Beasley – The “other” holy grail, this guy is an absolute beast. What kinda freshman avgs over 26 pts and 12 boards?!? Though the Clips are set in the frontcourt, you just can’t pass this guy up, and if that means moving Thornton to the 2-spot, you do it. And if Livy comes back to form, holy smokes, this would be the biggest lineup in the league.

Clipper luck: again, must obtain top 2 picks. You can’t go wrong with either guy.

OJ Mayo – A superb athlete who can pretty much score at will. This guy is NBA ready and has the talent to overcome his so-called “off court issues”. If the Clips can nab him, he will easily be a crowd pleaser, as he is a local product from USC. I think, after Rose and Beasley, OJ is the next best player.

Clipper luck: Mayo could probably go anywhere between 3-5, which means the Clips have to get a top three pick.

Jerryd Bayless – An Arizona High School sensation, Bayless is a spectacular combo guard in the mold of a Monta Ellis of sorts. He is a more than capable distributor, and lightning quick to boot. Many regard him as the third best prospect in the draft, and he can contribute to a team immediately.

Clipper luck: Again, he could go between 3-5, and the Clippers cannot get #4 or 5, so a top three pick is emminent.

Eric Gordon – Most draft prognosticators predict he’ll end up in the red/white/blue uni, that is if they stay with the #6 slot. The most common comparison is that he’s a “better version of Ben Gordon”, which is pretty good. Has very good athletic ability, can shoot from anywhere, has a great stroke, good first step, can score at will. The knock on him is his size(6’3″ for a SG) and his wrist injury which resulted in a poor February and March may have scared some scouts away.

Clipper luck: It is almost guaranteed that he’ll be available at #6. If not, that probably means the Clips can get their hands on either Bayless or Mayo.

Russell Westbrook – Not many sophomores had their stock rise higher than Westbrook’s. He more than tripled his minutes per game and showed off his plethora of skills, which include defense, penetration, and explosiveness. While #7 may be too high, should LA go all the way down to #9, Westbrook is definitely worth a look. Should be a solid NBA pro.

Clipper luck: Could go from 6-? Anywhere is possible. I’m not too sure where.

Danilo Gallinari – The top Euro prospect draws comparison to Toni Kukoc. Don’t know much about him, other than he actually looks pretty good. Has solid fundamentals and actually put up good numbers(not like a lot of other Euros who get drafted with mediocre stats). He could turn out to be a very good NBA player, but the Clips don’t really need another SF in the mix.

Clipper luck: Could go anywhere between 6-?. Don’t do it, Elgin!

DJ Augustin – If this guy were about four inches taller, there would be ABSOLUTELY NO reason to pass him up. Alas, he is only 5’11″(if that) and that is what will be his achilles come draft day. He’s got the talent to be an all-star PG, but will he? Only time will tell. Any team who picks him up in the mid teens will be one lucky dog, though.

Clipper luck: #6 is possible, but so is #17 or 18 or 19…

There you have it. Of course there are other minute possibilities(i.e. Kevin Love, Anthony Randolph, DeAndre Jordan, Brook Lopez, etc.), but these are the most likely IMO. Whoever they get, it better be a guard. That’s all I’m asking.

~ by terrydehereftw on May 8, 2008.

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  1. I love derrick rose cause he is sexy and he his is a great basketball player

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