Six Flags never had a roller coaster like this…

…seriously. Too many damn loops to count.

I thought about updating after every transaction, but changed my mind, figuring I should wait till the very end to review the new acquisitions. Well, I think our work is done here. I think.

BARON DAVIS – Obviously our biggest FA catch in franchise history. No brainer. The fact that Baron even considered us was amazing. Of course, there were only a number of teams who could afford to sign a guy like him (i.e. Grizzlies, Sixers, Warriors). So almost by default, we became his numero uno choice. Having a top five PG alone will do wonders. If you look at guys like Nash, CP3, and D-Will and wonder why their teams are consistent contenders, now you know.

MARCUS CAMBY – “I’m not here to replace Elton Brand.” Those were Marcus’ words at the press conference. And frankly, no one is expecting him to. For the Clips to obtain him for the RIGHT to exchange 2nd round picks, it’s truly amazing. Denver’s loss is definitely LA’s gain. And for those who doubt he can play alongside Kaman, think again. They have completely different games. Chris is a lowpost threat with excellent footwork, and is a better lowpost defender. Camby, on the other hand, can hit the 15-18 footer and occasional three, and is a terrific weakside defender. There is little doubt they will complement each other rather well.

RICKY DAVIS – I was apprehensive at first with this pickup, mainly because Ricky’s rep precedes him. But ask any Heat fan and they’ll tell you Ricky is far from being a “cancer”. An explosive athlete who has developed a rather effective three-point shot, the Clips signed him to a 2 year, 4.7M deal with a player option for the 2nd year. This is the definition of a low risk, high reward acquisition. He’ll be expected to back up Al Thornton and provide instant offense. And considering the bench we had last year, this is a welcome addition.

JASON HART – a very steady point is always a nice commodity to have in this league. And Hart is just that. Not flashy, not a big time scorer or assist man, just a guy who knows how to lead a team, plays good D, and do all the things necessary to win. He was misused(or not used at all) in Utah, and given his successful stint with LA in ’06-07, it wasn’t a surprise he was brought back. But…………..

JASON WILLIAMS – …the signing of Williams probably means Hart is now relegated to third string, which is too bad for him. The upside is that the Clips have so much depth at the 1 position that they haven’t seen in years. To go from Knight/Dickau/Smush to Baron/JWill/Hart is an ASTRONOMICAL upgrade of epic proportions. White Chocolate must know he’s not gonna get more than 20mins per game, and could’ve gone overseas for more $, but I guess he really wanted to stay in the NBA. Which is good for us. As a starter, this wouldn’t have been a good signing. As a reserve, this is an excellent one.

BRIAN SKINNER – I love workhorses like Brian. Guys who come off the bench, play physical D against the opponent’s biggest man, block a couple shots, grab a few rebounds, and call it a day. Skinner gives you all that and works extremely hard at it. He’s the type of enforcer playoff teams need to get that extra push. I mean, I miss Josh Powell, but it’s hard to overlook a vet like Skinner and his soon-to-be valuable contributions to the Clips.

STEVE NOVAK – Every team’s gotta have that white guy who can shoot lights out. And boy, can he. If the game is on the line, Novak’s gotta be in there. He’s the type that will hit a three cold blooded even though he’s been riding the pine for 47 mins. This type of player could possibly give you a couple of extra victories per year, and those victories could be the difference between making and missing the playoffs. I predict he will easily be a fan favorite.

ERIC GORDON – An amazing talent. His knack for getting to the hoop is uncanny, similar to Maggette, exception for one thing: he’s a lot better at it. Great lateral movement, can create his own shot from anywhere, has unlimited range, a good defender(could be one of the better shot blocking guards) and is a better passer than given credit for. Sure, I wanted Bayless, but this was before any knowledge of the BDiddy signing. I think by year’s end, he’ll solidify himself as the starting SG and there’ll be no looking back.

DEANDRE JORDAN – I really believe people are selling this guy short. They’re saying he’ll be a bust; he was the 35th pick! The Clippers have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! I honestly think he has the potential to be a Tyson Chandler/Sam Dalembert type-player. And for a 2nd rounder, that’s damn good. A very intense player, can become a tenacious shot blocker, and a likable personality. Maybe he won’t contribute this year, but I wouldn’t count him out by any means.

MIKE TAYLOR – I was looking forward to seeing Taylor play this year in a Clippers uni, but it looks like he might be sent to the D-League. From what I saw in Summer League, he’s very quick, a good penetrator, and throws lobs better than any Clipper from last year. He does play out of control(as shown by his TO’s). But the Taylor/Jordan combo had me excited for the upcoming season, but I guess that’ll only happen in practice. I hope he makes the team and they keep him because he could be a solid backup in this league.

All in all, I would give their offseason an A. This is the most active the Clippers FO has ever been (thanks in large part to de facto GM Michael Dunleavy Sr.). I loved every minute of it. Now comes the hard part: getting everyone on the same page and developing a good chemistry. And of course, avoiding the injury bug. We do that and we’ll be fine. On paper playoff teams are a tricky thing – sometimes they just don’t come to fruition. But with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck…


~ by terrydehereftw on August 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Six Flags never had a roller coaster like this…”

  1. The Clippers are going to make the playoffs for sure this year. And people are going to see how much F-Elton sucks. And that they overpaid him just because he’s a free agent.

  2. That was expected. I mean, I would’ve re-signed him for 82M, but the truth is, he didn’t wanna be here. It was a foregone conclusion that he would leave. Of course he would never admit it, but he had one foot out the door. What’s done is done. And we’re better for it.

  3. I don’t think we’re better for it. Basically replace Marcus Camby with Elton Brand. We still would have signed Ricky Davis , Jason Willaims and Brain Skinner. We still would have traded for Jason Hart and Steve Novak. And we still would have had drafted Eric Gordon, Deandre Jordan, and Mike Taylor. Basically we would have the same team except with Elton Brand. And the combination of Elton Brand and Baron Davis. This sucks.

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