Ken “The Snake” Norman had some balls.

The ’93 team was sick: Manning, Harp, Stanley Roberts, Mark Jackson, The Snake. Hell, even Lester Connor. I think Billy Crystal should have a number retired as a Clipper. Seriously.

~ by terrydehereftw on September 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Ken “The Snake” Norman had some balls.”

  1. Danny Manning sucked

  2. Manning had an injury plagued career and never reached his full potential. But he didn’t suck. He made the all star team in ’94. He was still able to be a serviceable player in Phoenix and Milwaukee afterwards.

  3. If I’m not wrong this is the Houston team that went on to win the title that year… Wow – what great playoff basketball.

  4. ^ Actually, the Rockets won it all in ’94 and ’95. This ’93 team eventually lost to Seattle in the 2nd round.

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