Tunnel Vision?


Through 18 games, what can I take from this season? What can I be proud of? Is there still light at the end of the tunnel? These are questions that many Clipper fans are left pondering. Since Z-Bo has suited up, LA has played better, but somehow managed to lose two games on the last possession (Denver, Dallas). Maybe my thought process would be different had we won those games.

The problem is simple – we’re not maximizing our talents. How can a team consisting of Baron, Thornton, Camby, Z-Bo, Kaman, Gordon, Ricky D. be so bad? Well, it stems from the coach, and we just don’t have a very good one. While Dunleavy Sr. is a very good GM, a lot remains to be desired from an X’s and O’s standpoint. He got his “Elton Brand” by acquiring Randolph, and has done a good job so far in utillizing him (save for the last few minutes vs. Dallas), but can he now find a nice medium with Baron? That will be key in order for us to salvage this season. Baron, on the other hand, deserves some of the blame too. As a floor general, he is supposed to orchestrate the offense and keep it flowing. When Z-Bo has the low post, give it to him. When he’s got the high post, do a pick and pop. Or simply penetrate and kick out to the open man. The game comes so easy for Baron, yet he seems to want to make it difficult at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that’s what comes with the package when we signed BD. Warrior fans warned us about the chucking. But of course when a new relationship takes place, there’s always a period of cathecting, a timeframe where everything is forgiven and patience is practiced. I think that period is reaching a closing point, and it’s time for us to see the one thing that matters most: WINNING.

~ by terrydehereftw on December 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tunnel Vision?”

  1. They’re getting better, yeah, but 3-15 is still 3-15. Almost-wins don’t count.

    On talent alone, this team should be good enough to win 45 in a season. I actually always thought Mike Dunleavy’s a decent coach… but it’s just not happening with this bunch. Like you said, find a happy medium and they should be all right. The season is still salvageable.

    Let’s see if they can keep a fourth-quarter lead, for starters.

  2. Well, if they lose the next two (vs. MEM and MIN), then there is NO salvation.

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