(Not so) Random Musings…

Oh yeah Dirk, well, Antoine and I are better than you at...ummm...well...let me get back to you.

"Oh yeah Dirk, well, Antoine and I are better than you at...ummm...well...let me get back to you."

Oh boy, it’s never quiet in Clipper Land, is it:

  • Your mom’s favorite baller, (B)Ricky Davis will serve a 5 game suspension for drug use. Imagine my surprise when I first heard about it. NOT.
  • Chris Kaman will be sidelined for another 2-4 weeks (closer to 4), which means he’ll have time to get prepared for a Super Bowl party. You go, Kaveman. And you go, DTS, for spending 55M on this injured stiff.
  • One of the few bright spots, Z-Bo, will miss up to 2 weeks with a sprained knee. Blake Griffin anyone?
  • Boom Fizzle would welcome a return to the Yay. I kinda wanna say YAY to that.
  • Cat Mobley was in attendance for the LAC vs. DAL game yesterday. You would think he would get some sort of tribute, right? WRONG. No video tribute. No standing ovation. In fact, just a simple few seconds on the jumbotron and mild applause from the crowd…I almost thought it was Elton Brand for a second there, considering the classless showing by the organization and the fans.

And that, my friends, is life as a member of Clipper Nation in a nutshell. Hop on the bandwagon – we may have lost a wheel, but hey, at least we’ve got plenty of room.


~ by terrydehereftw on December 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “(Not so) Random Musings…”

  1. I almost don’t blame Baron.

    Elton bails on him… and then he finds out that Dunleavy would rather use him as a slow-down PG. Then the whole situation doesn’t pan out despite having pretty good talent around him. At least, in G. State, he can freewheel all he wants.

    Not sure, though, if it would make the Warriors’ situation any better.

  2. Man, when I saw that cat mobley was at the game, I thought for SURE they would give him a nice standing ovation. He deserves it and dude LOVED the organization. I hope we see him around LA sometime to tell him some good words.

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