Why I Buy the Blake Griffin Hype.

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Blake Griffin – I believe the hype. Every time I watch this guy play, I become more convinced that he IS our guy. Listed at 6’10″(he might be 6’9″), Griffin is built like a rock, has solid post moves, and uncanny athleticism. The way he attacks the basket makes Chris Kaman look like Chris Ford. I’m trying to find a reason as to why he might be a bust – I just can’t come up with any. He lead the Sooners to the Elite Eight by posting a gaudy 28.5 ppg and 15 rpg in four games. Those numbers are just jaw dropping, especially considering the competition. Though he is a prototypical POWER forward, I believe he can play Center at times based on his brute strength. The comparisons to Michael Beasley are imminent, but Beasley is a tweener at best. Griffin is bigger and stronger. I’d like to think he’s more like Karl Malone, though he has a long way to go before he reaches that level. I mean,  he literally dunks ON someone every game, it’s a sight to behold:
In ’07, Greg Oden was the consensus #1 pick. He dominated in high school, and had a very good one-and-done year at Ohio St. But there were signs of not living up to his potential – injuries come into play. His mobility was sometimes questionable, IMO. With Blake, I don’t see any of those signs. In fact, I would be shocked if he doesn’t turn out to be a 20/10 player and an improved defender. Griffin is the ONE guy that, if the Clippers drafted, would come to play regardless if Dunleavy was still coaching or not. Should Clipper Nation be lucky enough to win the lottery, Blake would be the main reason to restore the fans’ faith in our franchise.

~ by terrydehereftw on March 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Why I Buy the Blake Griffin Hype.”

  1. THAT was a real monster dunk!

  2. I agree with you he is an awsome basketball player!He has a great talent!

  3. It is always so difficult, but for some reason, I’m very accepting of Blake as a welcomed member of ClipNation. It wasn’t as easy last season with Eric Gordon until I sat next to his mom the night the Pistons won at the buzzer. In fact, Iverson won it that night. http://www.dailymael.com/2009/01/hoofin-it-at-home-clippers-draining-me.html

    Anyway, I don’t need to see Blake’s mom to like him. Of course there are those times when I’m hoping this is all isn’t wishful thinking after last season…

  4. He is an awesome bsketball player! I think he could be one of the top nba players in a couple of years!!!!!

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