Ricky Rubio is a G.

Ricky Rubio eats basketballs.

Ricky Rubio eats basketballs for breakfast.

In my previous post, I talked about how much Blake Griffin would impact this Clipper franchise and give it tons of hope for a bright future. Well, much of the same could be said for one Ricky Rubio. Perhaps the most touted International prospect since Drazen Petrovic, Rubio’s game is a thing of beauty. You could say he’s a hybrid of Steve Nash/Jason Kidd’s floor vision, Ron Artest’s perimeter defense, and Tayshaun Prince’s basketball IQ.

As a Clipper fan, I can understand the skepticism of Clipper Nation. Some may say he’s another Shaun Livingston in the making…and you know how that turned out. Shaun was highly regarded coming out of high school, his point guard prowess was compared to that of Magic Johnson, and his potential seemed limitless. But of course, his misguidance(from a micromanaging, slow tempo offense running, control freak named Dunleavy), frail body, and freak accident led to his downfall. In this case, Rubio has a similar build, not much upper body strength, tall and lanky for a PG. Questions about whether he can handle the rigors of a physical, gut wrenching 82 game season in the NBA will continue to surface until proven otherwise.

But what he has going for him is experience in the some of the best leagues in the world – the Euroleague and Spanish ACB League. They are most certainly higher level leagues than NCAA D-1 basketball. Ricky has played very well, putting up good numbers whereas a lot of other Euro prospects get drafted into the NBA with weak stats. He played well vs. Team USA in the Beijing Olympics, and has gotten praise from stars such as Kobe Bryant. There is still a little under 2 weeks remaining until the early entry eligibility deadline, so you can imagine the lottery teams on pins and needles waiting for his press conference. This is the reason why:

In conclusion, should the Clippers end up with one of the first two picks, they’ll have a crack at Griffin or Rubio, and in my humble opinion, you’d be a damn fool to not believe this constitutes as winning the jackpot.

~ by terrydehereftw on April 13, 2009.

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