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DeAndre Jordan’s 1st Clipper Vlog. A look inside of the Clip’s locker room. Funny exchange between him and Kaman.

This dunk by Maggette makes Michael Finley’s cartwheel dunk look like some Osh Kosh B’gosh shit.

Absolutely SICK move by Baron, he actually looked like an elite PG here.


Not a vlog, but you can't deny Kanye Gordon, can you?!?


Look At All These Rumors That’s Surrounding Me Everyday…

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"We have a lot in common - we're both injury prone and disinterested. Let's go on a date."

Yep, it’s that time of year. Time for the countless trade rumors to swirl in, out, and through nearly every team in the League. And as usual, the Clips are no exception.

In years past, the Clippers have made relatively minor trades at the deadline (i.e. Wilcox for Vlad Rad) and have passed on blockbuster deals (i.e. Livingston + Maggette for Iverson). This time around, the two names that are circulating are Baron Davis and Chris Kaman. As many of you know, Boom Fizzle has been a huge disappointment to Clipper Nation and after half a season, just doesn’t seem to care anymore (of course, Dunleavy has a huge part in that). Kaman, on the other hand, has earned the unwelcome status of being injury prone. The guy can’t play a full season to save his life. Now, onto the rumors that have been circulating:

  • Baron for Maggette/Williams rejected? – Some dude on the RealGM Warriors board said ESPN stated the Warriors rejected the Clips’ offer. A definite desperation move on both parties if it did happen. And why would Dunleavy want Maggs back?
  • Baron/Kaman for J. Kidd? – Again, another rumor that was supposedly reported on ESPN News. Obviously the Mavs would have to throw in more player(s) for the salaries to match. An absolute idiotic deal on the Clippers part if done. It’s a foregone conclusion that the aging Kidd will leave after this season anyway.
  • Kaman for Amare? – Just speculation since the Suns are shopping him. Of course it would be a multiple player deal, possibly a 3 team trade.  Obtaining him would give us some serious firepower in the frontcourt.
  • Kaman to Chicago? – Bulls fans want a big man, badly. Amare and Kaman seem to be their top targets. If Kaman could be had for Thomas/Hinrich, I think you’ve gotta consider that.

We’ll know for sure once Feb. 19th hits. I just pray for NO stupidity on our part.

State of the (Clipper) Nation Address.

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Yes, it’s that time already. When looking at the players returning next season, I’d like to point out some things:

  • Ricky Davis WILL pick up his player option (he’d be an idiot not to).
  • Steve Novak must be resigned, by all means.
  • If there’s a reasonable offer for Chris Kaman on the table, the Clippers MUST consider it.

Ten guys will be signed up for next year. Novak would make 11. That leaves four open roster spots, in which one will be a lottery pick. So with the projected three open spots, who should the Clippers go after? Keep in mind that the Clippers will only have the mid-level exception to work with. Here is a short list of candidates I’d like to see them consider:

  • Flip Murray (U)
  • Marvin Williams (R)
  • Leon Powe (R)
  • Raymond Felton (R)
  • Drew Gooden (U)
  • Anderson Varejao (U)
  • Brandon Bass (U)
  • Gerald Green (U)
  • Linas Kleiza (R)
  • Marquis Daniels (U)
  • Trevor Ariza (U)
  • Ramon Sessions (R)
  • Charlie Villanueva (R)
  • Rashad McCants (R)
  • Rodney Carney (U)
  • Nate Robinson (R)
  • Keith Bogans (U)
  • Matt Barnes (U)
  • Bobby Brown (R)
  • Jamario Moon (R)
  • Ronnie Price (U)

(U) = Unrestricted; (R) = Restricted

Now, some of those guys will demand more than the MLE, but I just wanted to throw it out there. Obviously guys like Sheed, J-Kidd, and Paul Millsap will command much more than the MLE, so I didn’t bother with them. Out of the above  list, who do you think the Clips should and/or will obtain?

Flash Gordon = Flash Wade?

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Not saying he’s the next D-Wade, but the way the guy attacks the basket, the strength, the many trips to the line, it’s hard NOT to see the comparison:

(Not so) Random Musings…

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Oh yeah Dirk, well, Antoine and I are better than you at...ummm...well...let me get back to you.

"Oh yeah Dirk, well, Antoine and I are better than you at...ummm...well...let me get back to you."

Oh boy, it’s never quiet in Clipper Land, is it:

  • Your mom’s favorite baller, (B)Ricky Davis will serve a 5 game suspension for drug use. Imagine my surprise when I first heard about it. NOT.
  • Chris Kaman will be sidelined for another 2-4 weeks (closer to 4), which means he’ll have time to get prepared for a Super Bowl party. You go, Kaveman. And you go, DTS, for spending 55M on this injured stiff.
  • One of the few bright spots, Z-Bo, will miss up to 2 weeks with a sprained knee. Blake Griffin anyone?
  • Boom Fizzle would welcome a return to the Yay. I kinda wanna say YAY to that.
  • Cat Mobley was in attendance for the LAC vs. DAL game yesterday. You would think he would get some sort of tribute, right? WRONG. No video tribute. No standing ovation. In fact, just a simple few seconds on the jumbotron and mild applause from the crowd…I almost thought it was Elton Brand for a second there, considering the classless showing by the organization and the fans.

And that, my friends, is life as a member of Clipper Nation in a nutshell. Hop on the bandwagon – we may have lost a wheel, but hey, at least we’ve got plenty of room.

The Resurrection?

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Clippers Trail Blazers Basketball

Wow, what an exhilarating weekend of Clipper ball! I would take the time to explain, but it’s better to show you:

Tunnel Vision?

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Through 18 games, what can I take from this season? What can I be proud of? Is there still light at the end of the tunnel? These are questions that many Clipper fans are left pondering. Since Z-Bo has suited up, LA has played better, but somehow managed to lose two games on the last possession (Denver, Dallas). Maybe my thought process would be different had we won those games.

The problem is simple – we’re not maximizing our talents. How can a team consisting of Baron, Thornton, Camby, Z-Bo, Kaman, Gordon, Ricky D. be so bad? Well, it stems from the coach, and we just don’t have a very good one. While Dunleavy Sr. is a very good GM, a lot remains to be desired from an X’s and O’s standpoint. He got his “Elton Brand” by acquiring Randolph, and has done a good job so far in utillizing him (save for the last few minutes vs. Dallas), but can he now find a nice medium with Baron? That will be key in order for us to salvage this season. Baron, on the other hand, deserves some of the blame too. As a floor general, he is supposed to orchestrate the offense and keep it flowing. When Z-Bo has the low post, give it to him. When he’s got the high post, do a pick and pop. Or simply penetrate and kick out to the open man. The game comes so easy for Baron, yet he seems to want to make it difficult at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that’s what comes with the package when we signed BD. Warrior fans warned us about the chucking. But of course when a new relationship takes place, there’s always a period of cathecting, a timeframe where everything is forgiven and patience is practiced. I think that period is reaching a closing point, and it’s time for us to see the one thing that matters most: WINNING.